Welcome to The Bridlespur Hunt Club!

We are happy to share our exhilarating sport of fox hunting with you. Located about an hour north of St. Louis, our club is the oldest, west of the Mississippi and we are proud of our heritage and tradition. Our cross bred pack hunts twice a week through the entire season. We have 1,400 acres in Eolia, MO but rely on our wonderful neighbor’s hospitality as well. Additional fixtures in St. Charles and Jefferson counties fill out our schedule.

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The Bridlespur Hunt was Established in 1927, founded with the inspiration, support, and assistance of the late, much loved gentleman and sportsman, Mr. August A. Busch, Sr. Read more...


Beyond being a hunt club, we are lovers of the land and focused on conservation of native plants, animals, birds, and bees. We strive for good relationships with local farmers and neighbors. Learn more...

Hunting With Bridlespur

Hunting with Bridlespur is a fun, exhilarating experience.
A friend of the hunt is a friend for life. Bridlespur is rooted by tradition, rules to keep us safe and a love for our hounds and our land.

  • Our Huntsman

    Eleanor Hartwell has been huntsman for The Bridlespur Hunt Club since 2002. We are lucky and honored to have her as our huntsman.
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  • The Hounds

    We love our fox hounds and take great pride in them.
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  • Attire

    Hunting attire is rooted in tradition and function that has been perfected over centuries.
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  • Glossary

    Important terms every fox hunter should know.
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  • Rules

    As with all fun activities, there are rules to follow and you must know them.
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  • Land and Fixtures

    Bridlespur owns 1400 acres with access to 3000 acres. We also have great friends with land on which we hunt.
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Upcoming Events

We have several public horse shows and hunter paces throughout the year. Please join us!