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WE have several membership options to enjoy.

Our members are adults and children, men and women, professionals and students; all bound together by their love of riding to hounds, or simply their interest in belonging to a group who loves the outdoors and takes pleasure in horse related activities.

Interested, but a little afraid?

Start off slow with our new Trial/Trail membership.

Beginning in April we will have several scheduled trail rides (no hounds). Each trail ride will have two groups to accommodate a faster and slower ride. Get accustomed to the property with ease and introduce your horse to hounds slowly and be ready to ride to hounds by October! If hunting is not for you but you love Bridlespur, join as a social member instead and just trail ride and party with us. We’re a fun group of people.

Email us for more information and how to apply for membership.


Full Membership Benefits

A hunting member enjoys a full set of activities at The Bridlespur Hunt. Foxhunting, deer and turkey hunting, access to the property and clubhouse and all social events.

  • Bridlespur owns 1600 acres of manicured trails (and jumps) in conservation land.
  • During a hunt we have access to nearly 3,000 acres to ride on
  • Every Fox Hunt (approximately 50 per year)
  • Deer and Turkey Hunting
  • All Social Events
  • Organized Summer Trail Rides
  • Use of the Clubhouse for Private Events (with approval).
  • Use of old bank barn with 6 stalls and paddocks for overnighting
  • Several stocked ponds for fishing.
  • Gorgeous private swimming hole.

Social Membership Benefits

A social club member has all of the privileges and access to the property as a full hunting member, with the exception of being limited to two foxhunts per season.

Youth Membership Benefits

Juniors (under 18) can hunt on their own membership for $10 a month or on their parents membership for free.

Juniors are an integral part of the hunt and are invited to join in all hunt activities and social events. In addition, juniors participate in puppy training and hound shows.

Children under 18 who have hunted are eligible to earn the The Fairly Hunted award from Masters of Fox Hounds Association and Foundation (MFHA). MFHA created the award to recognize juniors committed to the sport and the future of foxhunting.



Senior Members (30 and over)

Senior Full Membership for $2,000/yr ($166.50/month)
Senior Family Membership for $2,100/yr ($175/month)
Senior Social Member for $700/yr ($58/month)
NEW! Senior Trial/Trail Membership (over 30 years) for $750/yr (first year only)

Junior Members (under 30)

Junior Full Membership for $1,000/yr ($83.25/month)
Junior Social Member for $700/yr ($58/month)
NEW! Junior Trial/Trail Membership for $375/yr (first year only)

Youth Members (under 18)

Youth Member for $10/month

Out Of Town Members

Senior Full Membership for $1,000/yr (83.25/month)
Senior Family Membership for $1,100/yr (91.50/month)